Enhanced CCW Course


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The Idaho Defense LLC Enhanced CCW course is a comprehensive two-day course. It is designed to cover the most important aspects of carrying a handgun for self-defense. Day one is classroom instruction, day two is the range day.  Below are the main bullet points of each section, at the end of the course bullet points is a list of required student qualifications and equipment.  


Classroom (eight hours):  

  • Brief history of firearms types 
  • Types of Handguns suitable for self-defense 
  • How to determine which handgun is best for your situation (risk factors) 
  • General Firearms Safety  
  • Ammunition, bullets, power, primers, cases 
  • Hatchers’ formula of relative stopping power. 
  • Situational awareness, avoiding criminal attack, defense planning 
  • Physiology of self-defense, and mental mind set 
  • Legal aspects of firearms ownership 
  • Range preparation 
  • Firearms maintenance.  

Range (four to six hours) 

  • Range safety 
  • How to properly draw a firearm from holster 
  • How to properly load and unload your firearm 
  • Proper stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger control for various situations of time and distance. 
  • Multiple target engagement 
  • Malfunction drills 
  • Ammo management 
  • Shooting on the move to break contact or engage 
  • Shooting weak hand supported, strong and weak hand unsupported. 
  • Proper use of cover 
  • Tactical/Practical shooting qualifier 

Student Qualifications 

  • Legally able to possess a handgun in Idaho. 


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