Civilian Tactical Handgun Training II


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The Idaho Defense LLC 

Civilian Tactical Handgun Training II (CTHT II) is designed to build on the lessons learned from CTHT I. The course begins with a review of the basic and intermediate techniques from CTHT I, and proceeds to advanced hand-gunning self-defense techniques tactics and scenarios. Students are taught how to engage multiple moving targets as the students move to cover day and night. Students then move on to defending against, carjacking, ATM heists, bank heists, liquor store robberies, home invasion, property protection, armed robbery, and rape attempts during daylight and nighttime. Idaho Defense trains you to develop a personal defense profile that works. Survival in the streets demands marksmanship, gun handling, and mindset. This course works the mind and improves marksmanship, and gun handling. Designing and thinking about defense profiles and practicing reactions to different levels of stress is what this class is all about. Students need a firm understanding of CTHT I, and the resolve to win. The course requires around 1200 rounds of ammunition and covers around 22 drills and last a minimum of three days. Students will be challenged mentally and physically. However, as before with CTHT I, skills and drills are designed to be both educational and grow the student. Enjoy the course.




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