Civilian Tactical Handgun Training I


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The Idaho Defense LLC 

Civilian Tactical Handgun Training I (CTHT I) is designed to teach the student the fundamentals of grip, stance, trigger control, and movement required to stay alive in the fast-paced action necessary for self-defense with a handgun. The course begins from the basics and quickly proceeds to advanced and unusual shooting positions. Once the student can manipulate the firearm from these positions, he/she is taught how to shoot on the move and use cover. Once these skills have been taught the student moves to groundwork, and target differentiation skills, vehicle defense and lastly night shooting, and engaging randomly moving targets in dim light. These skills are essential to survival on the street.   The course covers around 20 drills and 1500 rounds of ammunition and lasts a minimum of three days. Each student will be challenged mentally and physically.  The skills and the drills are designed to be both educational and grow the student.




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